Dissertation Proposal: a thesis topic

During the search for a thesis topic can be blinkered inevitably to a certain degree. Therefore, it is a highly recommended idea, a topic, which has been selected as the likely promotion capability, a small but beautiful flock expert and critical people imagine – most of all – the manager.

indexThis idea of thoroughness was half the shape of a longer document. If say more suitable experts (including supervisor) to this document, that such work is both realistic and worthy of promotion, you have made the hardest. A thesis proposal in computing science should address at least the following six points:

• A statement of the problem and why it should be solved
• Reference to and comments upon relevant work by others on the same or similar problems
• The candidate’s ideas and insights for solving the problem and any preliminary result he may have obtained
• A statement or characterization of what kind of solution is being sought
• A plan of action for the remainder of the research
• A rough outline of the thesis itself

A thesis proposal can be a very difficult decision that requires more effort. At the same time, it has a good criterion, because this candidate can mark your progress, or just the opposite. Thus, it would help him focus and do more. There is even the view, according to which, all this may prevent a person from depression. In addition, because this is such a nice summary, there is here as the poster on-the-wall-hanging.

indexA dissertation proposal is not mandatory in all working groups at the Institute, but he is every / r PhD / in the enlightened self-interest is highly recommended. Even though the prospect of failure, the proposal may be frightening, it would be better if several years will probably put them in a fruitless promotional endeavour. The motivation for a successful “by waving” of the proposal – or even after uncovering smaller but important shortcomings – is more than worth the labour input, especially since you can reuse large parts of the text with only minor changes in the dissertation.