Dissertation Writing: The Bibliography

The bibliography is available in dissertation, as and in the most modern linguistic journals similarly constructed. It is based on the APA style, named after the American Psychological Association. I will list them here on a clear system, but it is clear that every magazine the system will be a bit differently interpreted, so there is sometimes a point instead of a colon, a comma instead of a point – http://www.a-mentor.co.uk/services/research-writing/dissertation-writing/.

indexSometimes the pages are separated with a colon instead. “P”. I present here what represent this unique system so that we can proceed strictly follow the rules. Other definitions are possible, especially in historical linguistics, but it is a continuous system condition. In all cases, it is the first author.

When these two authors are with “/”, “&” or “and” separated for three or more authors, the first author is all there, the others are grouped under “Others”. indexImportant for the type of citation is the distinction between independent work (books), journal articles and essays in anthologies. First-year students often have difficulty mapping. What is now an anthology? What is a journal? They look almost identical anyway. The following tips usually allow a clear assignment:

• If the book cover, one or more authors and the contents are no other authors are noted, then there is a monograph. -> 7.1
• If one of the book covers or called several names, the table of contents but also before each text mentioned another name, so we are dealing with an anthology. Quoting the journal article with the author. The names on the cover are the publishers. -> 7.3
• If the text is in a collection of other texts, the book cover, but it bears no name magazine or journal title and appear in a number of anthologies in the same outfit, so usually there is a journal -> 7.2

The different types of publications are not listed separately in the bibliography, but only decide on the layout of the citation. The texts are in the bibliography all sorted by the last name of the first author.